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Data Recovery - Recover Deleted Files

If you have deleted files from your computer, Contact Us on: (03) 974 1413. The recoverability of deleted files depends purely on what the operating system is and what has been done since the files were deleted. In most cases deleted files are recoverable through the Recycle bin or trash, but if they have been emptied then problem is more severe. First thing to do is power off the machine at the wall. Do not shut down as normal as pending disk operations may remove the exact data you need.



Common Computer Failures

Whatever has happened to your data, there is a very good chance that it is recoverable. After all, we offer a no recover no fee policy. Some common problems are described below:

Unreadable or bad sectors

Common problem that we are able to work around. A computer will try to read bad areas in sequence, where we read around the bad sectors and only attempt to read them when the remainder of the data is safe.

Slow responding drives, computer hanging or slow

When hard disks have become very slow the underlying problem can be caused by bad sectors and/or firmware problems or a combination. When we recover from this type of problem, after a hardware test has completed, the firmware area is examined and repairs and rebuilds are made where necessary. 

Head failure

Can also be head preamp failure as symptoms are very similar and consist of clicking, ticking or 'sweeping' noises coming from the disk requires a cleanroom head stack replacement in order to regain access to the data. Heads can become physically damaged when exposed to shock or static electricity. The extent of any platter damage will determine the outcome of the recovery.

Raid controller failure

Symptoms are no access to the data on the server. Replacing the controller can result with a complete overwrite of the data as it may attempt to build a new container for the volume. If you get any messages that as 'are you sure' or the disk lights start flashing, turn the machine off and contact us. 

Broken Memory Sticks

This happens as the connector gets weak as the unit is inserted and removed into a computer. Any excessive upward or downward force can snap the memory stick in two. This is not usually a problem as long as the physical memory chips are not broken as we remove the chips and recover the data directly. 

Dropped laptops and external hard disks

A very common problem that usually results with all data recovered. Usually the hard disk is turned off when a computer is dropped meaning that there is minimal damage to the platters. Also, many devices have shock sensor devices built in to minimise damage caused by dropping. If the computer or hard disk was turned on when it was dropped, there is still a good chance of recovery but this will depend on the extent of any platter damage.

Liquid Damage

We have recovered data from laptops been dropped into ponds, fallen overboard on boats and had all manner of liquid spilled on them - tea. coffee, beer, wine, you name it! We have even recovered data from  more than one USB stick that had been through the washing machine!


Our rates are very competitive and we charge $79.95 plus GST per hour for all work done inside our workshop.

All work done on site at work or at your home we charge $99.95 plus GST

All parts and software that we need to use will be at costs to you as discussed at the time of repair.

You can request a call back or collection by filling out the Contact Us form on the right hand side of this page.



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